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Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club

Volunteer Opportunities Spring 2009

About us:
One of nine regional clubs of the Bruce Trail Conservancy. This 100% volunteer run organization works to conserve and educate the public about the Niagara Escarpment – a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. TheIroquoia BTC maintains approximately 125k of the 800km+ Bruce Trail. Our club’s area stretches from Beamsville/Grimsby to Kelso in Milton. The Bruce Trail is a continuous footpath along the Niagara Escarpment from Niagara to Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula. The Iroquoia BTC has over 2,100 members and over 250 active volunteers.

Post-Secondary Students and Young Professionals:
From last year to next year, 2008-2010 marks the updating and digitizing of our Membership & Volunteer Management Program. We are actively recruiting members and volunteers from ages 18 to 35! For volunteers under age 26 who want to do the Duke of Edinburgh Award/The International Award for Young People the Membership & Volunteer Management Director will sign the forms and assist with the process. **This is a self-directed, internationally renowned, youth leadership award. Gold Award recipients are presented their award by a member of the Royal Family.

We have opportunities for volunteers with a wide variety of interests and goals. You can work at home online in your own time, work in small groups, or do fun, public events with up to hundreds of people!

Contact Information:

Our New Blog –
Follow us on Twitter!: IroquoiaBTC
YouTube (very Beta! help us develop this!):

Sping 2009 Dates:

  • Volunteer Orientation and Training: May 7th 6 to 9pm. Please email to receive a Google Calendar invitation and further details.
  • TimeRaiser – 1st Hamilton Event Saturday, May 9th:
  • Hike Leader Training:
    • April to June – series of hikes on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays for prospective hike leaders. These are geared to ages 18 to 35, and/or new members wishing to be hike leaders. Please email for details.
    • HIKE ONTARIO – Sunday June 21st. **Open to all clubs.


Showcase Your Talents On Our New WordPress Blog! The design for our new blog was completed (except for a few tweaks) late in the evening on April 18th. Now we need talented, creative people to create content for it. If you would like to showcase your writing, editing, or mulit-media skills, while helping to conserve a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve these positions are for you! We are looking for writers, reporters to interview members and volunteers, photographers,videographers , editors, and forum moderators. Post-Secondary students and Young Professionals are more than welcome! We use Google Docs, Gmail, Google Apps,WordPress, and Twitter. If you don’t have these skills but would like to learn we’ll teach you!

-Work from home on your own schedule! 25 hours over 6 months including training. Exact hours varies depending on position. Editors estimated 15-20 hours per month at home on own schedule. We would prefer one post a month, but welcome all ideas!

WEB 2.0 GURUS (IT Support / Development)

ARE YOU VERY TECH SAVY AND CARE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT? We require two to four volunteers to facilitate training in and manage the use of Web 2.0 technology. The goals are to increase communication, to decrease driving and paper use, and to increase public awareness especially in the under 35 year old demographic. YOUTUBE, TWITTER (IroquoiaBTC), VIDEO CHAT, FLICKER, GMAIL GOOGLE APPS…MAYBE EVEN SECONDLIFE, And yes, you will have the OFFICIAL TITLE OF WEB 2.0 GURU, and a Club Gmail address to match!

-New Positions. Estimated 2-5 hours per week. Year Round. 75% Work from home online. 25% work one on one or in small groups (meetings, training and teaching).


WE NEED LEADERS FOR TRANSIT ACCESSIBLE & THEMED HIKES, AND HIKES FOR POST-SECONDARY STUDENTS & YOUNG PROFESSIONALS. Hike themes are based on the interests and skills of each hike leader. Suggestions include: art, wildlife, photography, nature interpretation, singles, mommy and me, daddy and me, dog walkers (on leash), local history, second language, geology, and anything that is interesting! Option for experienced leaders to lead overnight hikes. Open to individuals, couples, and groups of 2-4 friends. Schedule, route plan, and lead/co-lead day hikes. Hike schedule and route is determined by each hike leader. Hike leaders email planned hikes every quarter for publication in the Club’s newsletter, and to the blog editors for posting on our new blog. Training: club volunteer orientation & training + 3 club hikes + Hike Ontario certification training Sun. June 21.+ club membership.

-6 to 10 hours per month. 75 to 100 hours per year plus training. Year Round. Minimum of ten 4 to 8 hour hikes per year. Usually 1 hike per month.


Lead and Assistant Lead Hikes for Public Special Events such as Earth Day, Bruce Trail Day, and New Years Day. Hike Leaders – Special Events are part of the Special Events Crew, but are given additional hike leader training. They are invited to attend Hike Ontario certification training. Google Calendar invitations will be emailed out to all special events crew whenever help is needed. Volunteers can reply to invitations with either yes, no, or maybe that they will attend. This is the ultimate flexible volunteer position! Though these volunteers may only assist with one event every three months, they are very much appreciated and needed! This is a great way to gain leadership experience and training.

-50 hours per year minimum including training. Year round, One full day per three months plus required training.



Duties can include assisting with events for: membership & volunteer recruitment, public education, publicity, family days, fundraising (such as trivia night) and social events for members and active volunteers. Volunteers can help “behind the scenes” or be a much needed extra person for busy events. Google Calendar invitations will be emailed out to all special events crew whenever help is needed. Volunteers can reply to invitations with either yes, no, or maybe that they will attend.  Though these volunteers may only assist with one or two events a year (or one a month), they are very much appreciated and needed!

-Year Round for Special Events. VERY FLEXIBLE. 20-50 hours per year including training.


DO YOU LIKE MEETING OTHER PEOPLE AND ORGANIZING EVENTS? ARE YOU A RECENT GRAD OR A YOUNG PROFESSIONAL AND WANT TO DO SOME SOCIAL NETWORKING? We require Group Organizers to develop a new Social Networking Group for Club volunteers and members who are recent graduates and young professionals (generally ages 21-35). The Organizers will develop and facilitate the group’s programs, hikes and social events. Encouraged to participate in hike leader training. As with most new positions these volunteers will use Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Twitter, and more Web 2.0 technology. Training is provided!

-Year round. New positions. Set your own schedule! Estimated 2 hours per week for communication & planning, plus time for scheduled events.


Do you enjoy working with people, learning new things, and having a leadership role while contributing to the conservation of a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve? Are you interested in a career in Human Resources &/or Management? If so, these positions are for you! Many of these positions are similar to HR Assistants or Interns. Work directly under a non-profit board member, to manage over 2,100 members and over 250 active volunteers. In addition to face-to-face activities, MVM Assistants use Gmail, Google Apps, Google Docs, and Google Chat. If you don’t have these skills we will teach you!

-10-20 hours per month. 50-75% of time work from home on own schedule. Ongoing minimum 8 month commitment.

Volunteer Management McMASTER & MOHAWK LIAISONS

ATTENTION MAC AND MOHAWK STUDENTS! ARE YOU ENERGETIC, COMMITTED TO THE ENVIRONMENT, AND LOOKING FOR A GREAT LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITY? We require two liaisons atMcMaster University and two at Mohawk College to facilitate the recruitment of new post-secondary volunteers and to help manage volunteers from Mac and Mohawk. These are brand new positions, so Liaisons will help develop their own positions!Liasions are part of the Membership & Volunteer Management Team, working directly under a non-profit board member. Training in Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Chat, Twitter,WordPress, and more provided!

-New Positions. Year Round. Estimated at 4-5 hours per week average. Summer is mostly planning – can be done online….or outside on a hike! School Year Special Events & Ongoing activities.


Do you enjoy working with others? Do you have a flair for networking, enjoy meeting new people, and building ongoing relationships? Would you like to gain experience in marketing, publicity, &/or public education, while helping to conserve a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions we have opportunities for you! Assist our Publicity and Public Education Director with ongoing marketing and publicity. Work as a team to market and publicize: membership recruitment events (such as New Years Day hikes), public education (environmental conservation, and Bruce Trail Conservancy history and activities), and on occasion assist with volunteer recruitment events. Use Gmail, Google Docs, Google Chat,WordPress, Twitter, YouTube and more Web2.0 technology. Learn these skills if you don’t have them!

-Year Round. 10 hours per month. OR Special Project (20-25 hrs/month for 3 months) to develop plan over the summer and teach it to year round volunteers.


DO YOU LIKE HELPING OTHER PEOPLE LEARN? Create a public education program about the Niagara Escarpment – a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, and The Bruce Trail. The structure of and the audience for the program is up to the interests of the program developers and teachers. This is a great opportunity for Post-Secondary students interested in teaching, performing arts, outdoor recreation, history, and sciences. POST-SECONDARY STUDENTS AND NEW TEACHERS/YOUNG PROFESSIONALS WELCOME! Learn Gmail, Google Docs, Google Chat, and perhaps YouTube, Twitter and WordPress. New Positions. Year Round. Estimated 10 hours per month and 50% work from home online, 50% in person in meetings and teaching. Plus seasonal training/special events.


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